Pierceton Trail Project

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Trail Donation Request

Parks Department


The Town of Pierceton and the Pierceton Park have started out 2015 with an exciting project for all of Pierceton. Beginning July 2015 we will be constructing a walking, running and biking trail around the Pierceton Washington Township Park. We have enclosed a map of this project and also a map of the proposed trails that will go through town and around the wetland area along US 30.

The portion of the trail that goes around the baseball diamonds has been fully funded from a generous donation from K21 Health Foundation and an anonymous donor; however, there is more trail to fund. We would love to see the community get involved and show your support for this trail by making any form of donation that you can. Your donation will forever be a part of the trails landscape with a memorial bench, tree or brick paver.

Memorial benches, trees, and pavers, for donating and their cost.
Memorial benches, trees and pavers.


How to Donate – Print off the ORDER FORM from the link below and mail to  or drop off at the Pierceton Community Building.


Town of Pierceton
P.O. Box 496
Pierceton Indiana 46562

574 594-2231 or 574 594-2213
Email: chip@pierceton.org

Pierceton Trails Project- Map

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