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Trash Receptacles

Before the 2015 year comes to an end the Town’s residents will receive new trash receptacles.  A 96 gallon tote will be delivered to each residence.  They are replacing any other receptacle and must be used.  Advanced Disposal will haul away old trash cans if they are empty and put out next to the new ones.  The totes are owned by the contractor and residents are responsible to provide reasonable care of the tote they have been furnished.  Totes need to be placed on the Town right-of-way by 6:00 a.m. each Wednesday, but not sooner than Tuesday evening.   Totes must be moved back to the residence within 24 hours of disposal.  There must not be any refuse left or placed alongside the tote.  You may contact The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office with questions or contact Advanced Disposal directly at 1-800-298-1001.