Trash Receptacles

Before the 2015 year comes to an end the Town’s residents will receive new trash receptacles.  A 96 gallon tote will be delivered to each residence.  They are replacing any other receptacle and must be used.  Advanced Disposal will haul away old trash cans if they are empty and put out next to the new ones.  The totes are owned by the contractor and residents are responsible to provide reasonable care of the tote they have been furnished.  Totes need to be placed on the Town right-of-way by 6:00 a.m. each Wednesday, but not sooner than Tuesday evening.   Totes must be moved back to the residence within 24 hours of disposal.  There must not be any refuse left or placed alongside the tote.  You may contact The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office with questions or contact Advanced Disposal directly at 1-800-298-1001.

Pierceton Trail Project

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Trail Donation Request

Parks Department


The Town of Pierceton and the Pierceton Park have started out 2015 with an exciting project for all of Pierceton. Beginning July 2015 we will be constructing a walking, running and biking trail around the Pierceton Washington Township Park. We have enclosed a map of this project and also a map of the proposed trails that will go through town and around the wetland area along US 30.

The portion of the trail that goes around the baseball diamonds has been fully funded from a generous donation from K21 Health Foundation and an anonymous donor; however, there is more trail to fund. We would love to see the community get involved and show your support for this trail by making any form of donation that you can. Your donation will forever be a part of the trails landscape with a memorial bench, tree or brick paver.

Memorial benches, trees, and pavers, for donating and their cost.
Memorial benches, trees and pavers.


How to Donate – Print off the ORDER FORM from the link below and mail to  or drop off at the Pierceton Community Building.


Town of Pierceton
P.O. Box 496
Pierceton Indiana 46562

574 594-2231 or 574 594-2213

Pierceton Trails Project- Map

Pierceton Trails-Summary_FINAL 15

Pierceton Community Building Rules

Pierceton Community Building Rules

Hours: If you rent the room on Saturday or Sunday, the hours you are allowed to use the
building will be from 6:00 am until midnight. If you are using the room for a weekday evening meeting, the hours will be from 5:00 pm until midnight.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the building.
Do not abuse the furniture. Report any broken item.
Do not leave children without adult supervision.
Roll the tables, do not slide them. They roll when lifted slightly in the center.

Before leaving:

1. Return the tables to the arrangement in which you found them. Return extra tables and
chairs to the closets.
2. Return heat or air conditioning back to the original setting (summer 75/winter 65).
3. All trash must be taken and disposed of elsewhere.
4. Check and clean bathrooms making sure toilets are flushed.
5. Sweep and mop the floors.
6. Wipe off all surfaces used (including the chairs).
7. Leave the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and sink clean. Do not leave anything in the
refrigerator or the oven.
8. Do not tape anything to the floors, walls, or ceiling.
9. Secure the building upon leaving.
10. Leave the key in the drop box.

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All rules must be followed to receive your deposit back. If we have to do anything to the
room (sweep, mop, put tables or chairs away, etc.) we will not refund the deposit.